Accreditation Data Management System.

Accreditation Data Management System provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, organizing, and consolidating data related to all the operations carried out by Higher Educational Institutes.

Perfect for Universities, Autonomous & Affiliated Colleges.

ADMS stands as a cloud-based system crafted for higher education institutions, serving as an assessment and accreditation management solution. Its purpose is to seamlessly gather and systematize the necessary data essential for accreditation and evaluations, streamlining the process within a unified platform. Swaragh AMS is meticulously developed to align with the prescribed procedures outlined by diverse regulatory and rating bodies like NAAC, NBA, ABET, NIRF, and NMC for CBME.

ADMS establishes a conducive environment for academic leaders to effectively oversee the self-assessment process and submission of accreditation reports. It offers tools to define workflow structures, create role-based permissions, delegate tasks, monitor advancement, manage alerts and notifications, and make informed decisions through actionable insights provided via intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports, both at a university-wide and departmental level. The system harbors a repository of rubrics, ready to be deployed for evaluating performance across pivotal indicators and metrics. Additionally, it simplifies the execution of trial reviews and external assessments based on specific rubrics.

Why ADMS Is Needed?

Higher education institutions reap the benefits of Swaragh AMS' centralized and secure data management capability. This system ensures that all involved stakeholders in the assessment and accreditation lifecycle can effortlessly access vital information with just a single click, from any location, and through any device. Swaragh AMS' distinctive data import and organization approach minimizes the redundant effort often expended in collecting and presenting the same data in varying formats to different regulatory bodies and at different times. Swaragh AMS streamlines the process by importing common data once, analyzing it, and subsequently generating multiple formats tailored for numerous regulatory agency reports."

Role Base Multiple Login

The Accreditation Data Management System (ADMS) offers the advantage of multiple logins, making it a versatile solution for educational institutions. This feature allows various stakeholders, including faculty, administrators, accreditation coordinators, and external assessors, to access the system with their own unique credentials. This streamlined access ensures that the right individuals can contribute to the accreditation process, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Easy Data Management

ADMS simplifies the complex task of data management for higher educational institutions. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows institutions to collect, organize, and consolidate crucial data seamlessly. This ease of use ensures that educational institutions can efficiently update and maintain the required information, reducing the risk of errors and inaccuracies in accreditation reports.

Fast & Reliable

Time is often of the essence when it comes to accreditation processes. ADMS facilitates a swift and reliable submission of data to accreditation agencies. By automating various tasks and offering templates tailored to organizations like NAAC/NBA and national ranking bodies such as NIRF, it accelerates the accreditation journey. This reliability in data submission helps institutions meet deadlines and ensures a smooth accreditation process.

Safe and Secure

Data security is paramount in the educational sector, especially when handling sensitive accreditation information. ADMS provides a secure cloud-based platform that safeguards all data related to accreditation and evaluations. With role-based permissions and access controls, institutions can control who can view and edit data, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the information. This robust security framework instills confidence in institutions that their data is protected.

Our Features for ADMS

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Organization of reports at College Level

Every stakeholder, including faculty, administrators, and accreditation coordinators, can access the Accreditation Data Management System (ADMS) through their individual logins. This enables them to enter information into standardized formats, ensuring consistency and accuracy. All data entered at the individual level is centralized at the institute level, making it easy to compile comprehensive reports for accreditation purposes. This centralized approach streamlines the data collection process and ensures that all stakeholders are contributing to the institution's accreditation journey.

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Maintaining Chronological Order & Date Formats

ADMS automatically date stamps all records entered into the system. This ensures that data is organized in a chronological order, maintaining a proper sequence of events and activities. The date format is standardized, making it easy to track the timeline of actions and updates within the system. This chronological organization is essential for demonstrating the institution's progress and compliance with accreditation requirements over time.

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Ensuring Data Privacy & Vulnerability

Data privacy and security are paramount in the accreditation process. ADMS addresses these concerns by hosting information on a secure, password-protected cloud-based system. Role-based access controls limit who can view and edit specific data, safeguarding sensitive information. Additionally, the cloud system provides the advantage of multiple automatic backups, ensuring that data is protected even in the event of unexpected incidents. This robust security framework instills confidence in the institution's ability to safeguard accreditation-related data.

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Maintaining Supporting Documents

ADMS goes beyond simple data entry by ensuring that supporting documents and web links are associated with each record. This linkage between records, chronology, and supporting documents enhances the depth and completeness of accreditation submissions. For example, if a faculty member submits a report on a particular program, they can attach relevant documents, such as syllabi, assessment results, or student surveys, directly to the record. This ensures that assessors and evaluators have access to all necessary information when reviewing the institution's accreditation materials. It also simplifies the process of providing evidence and documentation during accreditation reviews.


1. Why Is Accreditation Important for Colleges?

Accreditation is vital as it signifies quality. ADMS supports your college in achieving and maintaining accreditation, enhancing its reputation and access to funding. It's your accreditation partner.

2. How to Get ADMS?

To get ADMS, contact us and we will guide you on its use. It's a one-stop solution for accreditation data.also get a Free Demo.

3. How Much Does ADMS Cost?

Costs vary based on your needs, but it's an investment in efficiency and data security. It covers setup, training, and ongoing support.

4. What Is Accreditation Data Management Software?

ADMS is a tool that helps colleges manage accreditation data. It centralizes information, maintains order, and keeps data safe, like a digital filing system.

5. Why Do We Need ADMS?

ADMS simplifies accreditation by centralizing data entry, ensuring accuracy, and providing secure storage. It's like your college's accreditation assistant, making the process smoother.

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